Wheels at Work...

Empathy. We think it's important. That's why we're asking you to do a sponsored day in a wheelchair to raise money and awareness for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research.

About Wheels at Work

Taking part is easy...

All you have to do is set a date to take part and spend a day in a wheelchair.  We’ll take care of the logistics thanks to our mobility partner Gerald Simonds, and provide you with all the fundraising materials you’ll need to make your day a success.  Then simply ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.  Or better yet, get them to join in too!

With thanks to Net Impact Vision for kindly donating their expertise in making this film.

We are also grateful to Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd for providing the wheelchairs for our campaign.


Is there a specific day for Wheels at Work or can I take part anytime?

Wheels at Work is an ongoing campaign, so you can take part anytime that suits you or your organisation.

Will you deliver and collect the wheelchair(s)?

Yes, and because it is a nationwide campaign, we can deliver and collect the chairs anywhere and anytime.

What if our office isn’t wheelchair friendly?

Don’t worry if your office isn’t perfect for wheelchairs, do the best you can – it’s the taking part that counts.

How many people can take part?

Our mobility partners will endeavor to provide up to 4 adult’s and 4 children’s wheelchairs.  Should a larger group of you wish to take part, we are happy to discuss this and can be flexible.

Do I have to be in a wheelchair for the whole day?

We appreciate that individual circumstances might vary so do the best you can, and spend as much of the day in the chair as is reasonably possible.

Can I leave the office or place of work?

Of course! Getting out and about is a great way to empathise with the day to day challenges of wheelchair users.

I’m worried about how other people will react?

We will provide you with SMSR t-shirts so it is clear you are involved in a special event for charity. Furthermore, our ambassadors with spinal cord injury have all endorsed our campaign, as Kat aptly puts it: “It’s great that people without a spinal cord injury are taking a few hours to reflect on what life might be like for people like me.”.

How do I raise money and is there a minimum amount to raise?

There is no minimum fundraising requirement.  All we ask is for you to set yourself a goal to work towards, and raise money through sponsorship or fundraising activities.  Setting up your own Justgiving page is easy.  Just follow the link here.  Once you have set your date we can send you lots of ideas for other fundraising activities that have proven to be successful!

Testimonials and Photo Gallery

See photos from previous participants and what they had to say about taking part in the campaign...


Leading domestic and commercial lift specialists, Gartec, found their Wheels at Work day to be hugely enlightening. As a business that deals with clients with disabilities, their participation was hugely beneficial and their fundraising efforts raised a terrific £1,200 for SMSR.

Ashmead Combined School

Four pupils and two teachers took part in Wheels at Work and raised over £500 in the process. Joint Headteacher, Mr Pearse said: "Our junior pupils were so excited about their Wheels at Work assembly - especially when they were featured on Mix96 radio! We felt it fitted in perfectly with the PSHE curriculum covering tolerance and diversity. It has really opened the children's eyes to the challenges that many disabled people face on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing this campaign to our school.".

Mark Bowman, Cube Studios

Mark Bowman took part in Wheels at Work and raised a tremendous £450 for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research. Of his experience, Mark said: "I've nothing but admiration for people who have no other option than to use a chair on a daily basis. I'm glad I had the opportunity to gain a small insight into their challenges even if only for one day. It's great that Gerald Simonds are supporting the campaign by providing the wheelchairs for participants like me.".

Health and Social Care students from Aylesbury College

Taking part in Wheels at Work was a key part of these students' coursework at Aylesbury College, and they raised £130 in the process. Mario Bento, studying Level 3 Health and Social Care, said: "This was an eye opening day for me. The college was quite easy to get around but it was more difficult at busy times like break or lunch. It was great raising money for such a worthwhile cause and I'm so glad we took part.".

Human Resources team at Aylesbury College

The HR department at Aylesbury College were keen to take part in Wheels at Work to highlight their promotion of equal opportunities at the college. Anne-Marie McNeill and Candice Mason said: "What struck us the most was the length of time that it took to do everything and the need to plan even the smallest of details, for example, just going to speak to someone or attend a meeting. People are aware of disabled people and we were grateful to those who made the effort to speak to us on our level to save the constant neck strain. It was a challenging day, but on the whole we found it to be an eye-opener and people were generally very helpful. We would love to do it again next year.".

A little about our partners in the campaign, Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd

Gerald Simonds is the leading UK supplier and distributor of lightweight manual and power wheelchairs, cushions and pressure management seating. Their team of mobility and seating specialists carry out free assessments and give impartial mobility and seating advice and support nationwide, for both adults and children. Then every wheelchair they sell is customised to the exact needs of each user. As the local mobility specialists to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research, they are delighted to be supporting Wheels at Work to help improve the quality of life for people living with spinal cord injury.

Ashmead School 2016

"Our children were so excited to get another chance to see what life is like as a wheelchair user. Those taking part really valued their friends support and together the whole school raised £400. Thank you for making this such a key part of developing their awareness and empathy skills" Ashmead Co-Headteacher, Mr Pearse

Cuddington and Dinton School Wheels at Work WEEK!

"The whole school community has been inspired by Luke's assembly when he invited ANY questions about his injury from the children. The children took home money boxes to collect loose change, and had a mufti day and raised £1,400 which we are so proud of. By having the wheelchairs for the week we were able to allow far more children to take part - and teachers too. It was an incredibly rewarding week for us all." Matt Tomson, Deputy Head.

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

The Box Office team at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre took part in Wheels at Work every day for a week to gain an insight into the challenges faced by their disability customers. Deputy Ticketing Manager, Chris Leathers said: "Being wheelchair bound made me even more aware of my surroundings and at times made me feel somewhat panicked about getting from A to B. What I also noticed from taking part was the occasional 'pity' look the general public gave me. This experience has helped me in my development as the Access Champion of the Aylesbury Waterside and made me even more aware of the needs of our wheelchair users. I really hope we reach our target of £2,000!".