Wheels at Work...

Empathy. We think it's important. That's why we're asking you to do a sponsored day in a wheelchair to raise money and awareness for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research.

About Wheels at Work

Taking part is easy...

All you have to do is set a date to take part and spend a day in a wheelchair.  We’ll take care of the logistics thanks to our mobility partner Gerald Simonds, and provide you with all the fundraising materials you’ll need to make your day a success.  Then simply ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.  Or better yet, get them to join in too!

With thanks to Net Impact Vision for kindly donating their expertise in making this film.

We are also grateful to Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd for providing the wheelchairs for our campaign.


Is there a specific day for Wheels at Work or can I take part anytime?

Wheels at Work is an ongoing campaign, so you can take part anytime that suits you or your organisation.

Will you deliver and collect the wheelchair(s)?

Yes, and because it is a nationwide campaign, we can deliver and collect the chairs anywhere and anytime.

What if our office isn’t wheelchair friendly?

Don’t worry if your office isn’t perfect for wheelchairs, do the best you can – it’s the taking part that counts.

How many people can take part?

Our mobility partners will endeavor to provide up to 4 adult’s and 4 children’s wheelchairs.  Should a larger group of you wish to take part, we are happy to discuss this and can be flexible.

Do I have to be in a wheelchair for the whole day?

We appreciate that individual circumstances might vary so do the best you can, and spend as much of the day in the chair as is reasonably possible.

Can I leave the office or place of work?

Of course! Getting out and about is a great way to empathise with the day to day challenges of wheelchair users.

I’m worried about how other people will react?

We will provide you with SMSR t-shirts so it is clear you are involved in a special event for charity. Furthermore, our ambassadors with spinal cord injury have all endorsed our campaign, as Kat aptly puts it: “It’s great that people without a spinal cord injury are taking a few hours to reflect on what life might be like for people like me.”.

How do I raise money and is there a minimum amount to raise?

There is no minimum fundraising requirement.  All we ask is for you to set yourself a goal to work towards, and raise money through sponsorship or fundraising activities.  Setting up your own Justgiving page is easy.  Just follow the link here.  Once you have set your date we can send you lots of ideas for other fundraising activities that have proven to be successful!

Testimonials and Photo Gallery

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