"My wheelchair doesn't stop me living my life as I want to live it" Nikki Emerson 26
Tough Mudder
"Supporting Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research couldn't be easier"
"A fantastic cause we all believe in" That's A Wrap crew

Paralysis. Life. Each day, some people wake up having to think about both.

That’s why, each day, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research does the same, thinking long and hard about how we can make life livable for people with spinal cord injury. With new medical breakthroughs, technological innovation and social insight – and your generous support – we can do more to help people get on with life after paralysis.  

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Wheels at work
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Wheels at Work is our latest campaign. We'd love you to join in by doing a sponsored day's work in a wheelchair - whenever suits you.


What is a spinal
cord injury?

A brief insight into the physiology of a life-changing injury.


Why we do
what we do

A little about our past and the people helping steer our future.


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