Stadhampton Primary take on Wheels at Work!

On Tuesday April 4th, SMSR fundraisers, Briony Brock and Melanie Gravett as well as wonderful ambassador, Luke Delahunty, headed over to the delightful Stadhampton Primary School. Melanie’s father has a spinal cord injury, and her 3 daughters attend the school, so they were more aware of spinal cord injury than most, and thoroughly welcoming throughout.

After a 40 minute assembly mostly consisting of a thoroughly engaging Q & A session with Luke, it was breaktime. Luke was invited out in to the playground and played basketball, table tennis and had a race against the children – and even demonstrated some impressive wheelies! It was great for the children to have this extra time with Luke and be able to ask him even more questions in a more relaxed setting. We left confident that Stadhampton Primary are more than prepared, not to mention excited, about spending the next few days in their wheelchairs.

In terms of fundraising, each pupil will be taking home a small collection box for the Easter Holidays on the 7th April, and will try and collect as much loose change as they can, and then the grand total will be announced…

As ever, we are immensely grateful for all participants in Wheels at Work, and if you’d like to get your company or your school involved then please get in touch with Briony, at

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