Spinal cord injury in children and young adults

Pan-European Paediatric Spinal Cord Injury Collaboration

The PEPSCI collaboration is an initiative to establish a Pan-European Paediatric Spinal Cord Injury network of specialists to investigate and standardise the management and care of children and adolescents with Spinal Cord Injury.

Need: The PEPSCI collaboration’s mission is to improve the overall management of a rare condition: spinal cord injury in children and adolescents. This collaboration aims to: standardize acute management, rehabilitation and outpatient care across Europe;improve the understanding of neurological and functional recovery profiles;map psychosocial processes and coping after the spinal cord injury;evaluate cross-cultural differences in physical and psychosocial outcomes.

A survey has been sent to all outpatient contacts of involved medical centres. Through this survey children, adolescents and their parents are invited to suggest topics of research and healthcare which researchers and clinicians should focus on. This prioritisation exercise is a crucial, preparatory phase which will help this collaboration to tackle truly relevant issues in paediatric SCI. The results of this survey will be used to select future topics for research projects and guidelines.

Project Stage: Ongoing

Location: National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville

Project Manager: Dr Bashak Onal, SMSR

Research Team: Dr Allison Graham (Consultant Physician Spinal Cord Injury; Clinical Lead Spinal Paediatrics)

Funding: Multiple Sources

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