Our Research

We are in the unique position of being based at the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC), at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. This allows us to work closely and collaboratively with the clinical team and patients at the NSIC to identify and better understand the issues and challenges people face as they rebuild their lives after paralysis.

1. Alleviate

Alleviate the chronic complications associated with
paralysis, such as pain, pressure ulcers
and urinary tract infections

2. Develop

Develop and validate assistive technologies
to improve neuro-rehabilitation

3. Enable

Enable people with spinal cord
injury to realise their true potential in life

Our current research

Improving quality of life after paralysis

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have facilitated important clinical studies that are helping us to understand  better  the long-term health effects of spinal cord injury and help to improve treatments and therapies to address chronic complications and quality of life.

Here are the current projects we are involved in and how they will make a difference to those with spinal cord injury. Click on the following links to view each project in detail:

Urinary Tract Infections
Hand Function
Chronic Pain
Children and Adolescents
Technology and Innovation - SMSR Applied NeuroLab

Without research, we can't address the everyday medical challenges faced by people living with spinal cord injury.

Top 10 Priorities published in the Lancet Neurology

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SMSR Exoskeleton Rewalk Study to be presented at ISCoS ASIA in Montreal

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Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

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We collaborate with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and other settings throughout the UK to deliver the best outcomes.

Chronic Pain Project Receives Funding

We were delighted that the International Spinal Research Trust have donated over...

Spinal cord injury in children and young adults

Pan-European Paediatric Spinal Cord Injury Collaboration The PEPSCI collabo...

Airway pressure therapy used to treat obstructive sleep apnoea

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Rewalk Exoskeleton: A Feasibility Study

Where do bionic suits fit in rehabilitating and living with spinal cord injury?...

Spinal Cord Injury Priority Setting Partnership (SCI-PSP)

The SCI-PSP has offered a unique opportunity for people with experience of spina...

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers are a medical complication that require constant management and...
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Expert Speakers

At SMSR we believe in sharing our expertise and our knowledge to enable close collaboration between healthcare teams and healthcare services to improve research quality and outcomes.

SMSR experts regularly present their research projects and speak about spinal cord injury related areas at a range of conferences and exhibitions.

If you would like to arrange an expert  speaker  presentation or to arrange a media interview about  an SMSR project please contact:  patricia.tweed@smsr.org.uk , SMSR Communications Manager

Dr Bethel Osuagwu, PhD
Masson Clinical Research Fellow

Bethel leads the Pain and Upper Limb projects from the SMSR Neurorehabilitation Laboratory at the NSIC. 



James Cooper, BSc, MSc

With a background in Public Health Nutrition, James manages our UTI study and has a special interest in the impact on UTI and its impact on health and well-being in those individuals with a neurogenic bladder dysfunction, and the potential role that a vaccine could make in reducing the incidence of UTIs in those affected by it.


Please help us to continue our vital research and improve quality of life after paralysis...

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Research contact

For further information about any of our research, please contact:
Dr Julian Taylor, Research Director julian.taylor@smsr.org.uk .