Can you knit or crochet or ‘craft’? If so we need you to create a neuron!

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research has teamed up with the National Spinal Injuries Centre to create a spectacular creative spinal cord to reflect the importance of quality of life research.  We need your help to knit, crochet or ‘craft’ neurons to raise awareness of the complications of spinal cord injury. 

Get together with friends, craft groups or encourage your children’s schools to take part.  The benefits of being creative are not only psychological, but can have a real impact on rehabilitation. 

As Dr Allison Graham says:  “Activity based rehabilitation needs therapy to be bilateral, co-ordinated, cross the brain and spinal cord midline, be rhythmic and become automatic, this is exactly what knitting does! We don’t know if it will change the cord but it will improve relaxation, a sense of achievement and belonging and actually be fun.  Knitting helps protect against stress, low mood, addiction and pain. Many forms of knitting exist to allow many people with reduced hand and arm function to take part or look at other crafts, like crocheting or using pipe cleaners.”

To download your pack, click on the button below and get creative!  If you would like us to post you a pack, please email with all your details.  

All neurons need to be sent in, with your contact details to: SMSR Knit a Neuron, National Spinal  Injuries Centre, Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL 

Please send any completed neurons back by November so we can compile them for display in the run up to Christmas.

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Click here to download your Knit/Crochet or Craft a Neuron Pack!