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Amanda shares her story…

My Story so far…. My name is Amanda Worne (44 years old, married mum of four fantastic children).  In 2015, on August 9th I had an accident that would change my life forever.  I was out training for a Triathlon on my bike.  It was a beautiful, hot, late summer’s morning and I stopped at… Read more »

Nick’s reflections…

This is a post taken from and is written by SMSR founding Trustee, Nick Hutton. Bony Buns, Phantom Limbs, Snakes and Bladders: The Trials of Living and Working with Spinal Cord Injury. December 1994. There I was in intensive care; a ventilator shushing in my ear, a thousand questions racing through my mind. I knew… Read more »

Nicky’s blog

April 2017 The Beginning… I don’t think I knew much about the spinal cord, paralysis or disability before I started a new relationship with my (now) husband.  We met on a dating site and there were pictures and mentions of something about a wheelchair; I was more interested in his sparkling smile and his list… Read more »