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Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers  occur in up to 80 per cent of people with spinal cord injury and typically occur at the buttocks.  Development of a pressure ulcer is related to high rates of rehospitalisation and disability, and can be an enormous physical, emotional and financial burden. Pressure ulcers develop when continuous unrelieved pressure, friction or shear… Read more »

A trial of the SEM Glove

Loss of hand function is considered by SCI individuals as one of the most devastating consequences of their injury.  Many daily living tasks such as feeding, bathing and dressing become difficult without the normal function of the hands.  Intricate and fine movements which may be taken for granted but are required for various object manipulations… Read more »

Nicky’s blog: First Post…

April 2017 The Beginning… I don’t think I knew much about the spinal cord, paralysis or disability before I started a new relationship with my (now) husband.  We met on a dating site and there were pictures and mentions of something about a wheelchair; I was more interested in his sparkling smile and his list… Read more »

Addressing the effects of chronic pain

Project: The DolSCI Network investigating neuropathic pain control following spinal cord injury In the UK, approximately 40,000 people are living with spinal cord injury. An estimated two-thirds of these, over 25,000, people are living with neuropathic (chronic) pain, which has an enormous impact on psychological wellbeing and quality of life. Chronic pain is a major… Read more »

SMSR Applied NeuroLab at the National Spinal Injuries Centre

Situated in the heart of the National Spinal Injuries Centre, the SMSR Applied NeuroLab, funded by charitable donations was opened in 2016.  The lab has been designed to act as a hub at the NSIC to perform clinical projects with clinicians from different departments and also provide the training in the latest clinical research techniques. … Read more »